Friday, April 21, 2006

scooter monkey

My Mum is so ridiculously busy that she isn't helping me with my blogthing at all! She's sorting things and typing things and doing things and adding things and filing things and listing things and writing things and going places and did I say doing things? Well, she's doing things, too, and it's most annoying, because she should just be spending time with me! I even got some wonderful new clothes from my "granmommy" Commander Mom, but my Mum isn't even taking any pictures of me!
She's getting ready for The Clothing Show - a big show on May 6 - 7 at the Automotive Building at Exhibition Place. She did it last year and it was fun, and she's even got new designs for this year. This picture is one of her illustrations she puts on her shirts. She calls it "Scooter Monkey" but I know the Monkeys name is really Gretchen. Gretchen is on her way to do her grocery shopping, and she's riding, I think, a Vespa 200, just like what my friends Richard and Michael had!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Rekha's chocolate-peanutbutter-letter muffins

Mmmmm! For Ilios's birthday, Rekha made the most awesomest muffins!

Let's eat the birthday treat right away!

Um, after a few letters got eaten, the birthday muffins started saying strange things... It was kind of like scrabble,
but we kept eating the letters,
and then we weren't really spelling things that are real words...

It got harder as there were less letters. But, yum, they were the tastiest letters I've ever eaten!

(Maybe I can get the recipe for chocolate-peanutbutter-letter muffins from Rekha...

Then I could make them, spell words with them and then eat them!)

a happy birthday treat for Ilios

It was Ilios's birthday! And we were invited to join him for a birthday dinner in a nearby restaurant. The soup he ordered was massive! So I helped him eat it.
(I'm not very good at eating soup with chopsticks...)

His Dad gave him the coolest wooden truck! (It took Ilios a moment to figure how it went.)

It was his own truck that had belonged to Ilios as a little baby, and I think it was made by a relative or a friend of the family.
Wooden toys are wonderful!
(The Subhuman has some wooden airplanes and helicopters and I hope that Illios will come over and we can play together.)

Rekha made an extra special birthday treat - muffins with icing letters! Mmmm! Chocolate-peanutbutter!

Rekha is super-great!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

mock hot air balloons

It's nice to be a Sock Monkey & wander about the city. You see some of the oddest things. Here I found a bunch of strange, solid, mock hot air balloons. As you may know, I love hot air ballooning, so I had to get a picture. Go to October 2005 & November 2005 to see my real Hot Air Balloon Adventures! We got some really amazing pictures!