Wednesday, June 21, 2006

donky riting agan

this iz donky riting agan.

i hav mor picchurs frum thu donky sanchuary.

it was reely nis to hang owt with donkys.

mi new frend thot mi hat lokd sily.

hi sad it waz to warm for a hat. so i tuk it awf.

we had a nis tym chating abowt donky things it waz fun and i hop we go agan sun.

thank yu for reding what i rowt.
i m soree i kudent rit it beter.
i wil get babeta to rit next tym. thank yu

Sunday, June 18, 2006


helo. mi nam is donky.

i m a frend of monte.

hi iz in sumwayr caled water loo so i m riting on his blog whil hi is gon. i m not az gud at it az hi iz. i m soree abowt it but i wil tri to tel yu abowt 1 uv mi adventurs.

monte waz not ther but mi frend babeta was.

we went to a donky sanchuary. it iz neer gwef and our mum who dosnt drive very gud drov us ther. in thu blu car. i lik ridin on her moterbik beter.

it was hilee and then we got to thu farm and thu donkys wer so nis! we met many other donkys and thay all sed it waz a very nis plas to be.

mum tuk owr picchers.

this is me with purpul flowers.

babeta and me on a fens.

and a very speshul donky paynting. thank yu for reding this

Saturday, June 03, 2006

gettinng better at typing

I'm not as mad at my Mom now... She said she'll mhelp me to post pictures if I mcand do my nbest to do some of the typing, and who knows, maybe I'll get really good at typing! I'll try to, at any rate. Sorry if the spelling gets a little funny now and again...

I've been getting to go out more, since Mum's been a little less busy lately. We even went to see a movie at a movie theatre! I like movie theatres. I wish we could buy lots of candy there, but Mum says it's too expensive. We went to see X Men Three. It was good - lots of big explowsions and mutants are pretty neat. They couled edo some pretty amazing stuff. I liked the Beast best. He was very intellectual, and blue, and wore a suit. If I were a mutant, I'd want my power to be the ability to transmogrify one thing into somethin g else - like take an old boot and make it into a new sportscarrr, or to take a rotten apple and make it into a shin y new banana! I'd turn this empty hot chocolate mug beside me into a pile of chocolate covereed marzipan.

Mum and I also went out on Sunday, to a park to visit friend for the entrepreneurial tea. It was fun. Jo brought a quilt to sit on, and Kris brought action figures to play with, and Kelly and Toni were ther, too. I even made a tiny new fgriend! Anm inch worm visited us. It was so cute! (But not really an inch long.) There is a link to Jo's and Kell7ys webthings on my blogthing herfe, and I will have to adde Kris, who is the creator of the coolest action figures, and Toni's when she builts hers!

It was a nice day that day, and Mom even got some plants - chives and oregino and some really cool lemon minty thinmg. I hope Mum dosn't kill them now. She's a very poor gardener. And we have no proper garden... yet...