Sunday, May 06, 2007

angels in Toronto

My Mum has been very bad lately, and not making any Sock Monkeys at all! Instead, she has been photographing angels! She has an art show up this month at a place called Dark Horse Expresso Bar (682 Queen Street in Toronto, at Queen and Broadview) where they make fancy coffees. Mum really likes the tea there. The show is part of "Contact", thi really big city-wide photography festival. I think the angels are kind of funny. In one picture, the angel is running like he's about to take off into flight. In another I think the angel is very pretty because she is glowing. There's a gargoyle in the show, too, and he looks kind of familiar... I'm not sure what gargoyles have to do with angels, but Mum says they were gardians of places. I think Mum could make a Sock Monkey angel for her next project. She saids it's a good idea! She should always listen to me, because I know good stuff. Make more Sock Monkeys! (But the angels are fun, too, so maybe she can take some more pictures now and then, as long as she keeps making Monkeys...) There a secret page on her website for the angels: Maybe I will add it to my links. Maybe I should get a pair of angel wings...

Saturday, May 05, 2007

been a while!

I have been so busy! I've been working on things for my band- like song titles and album titles, and who gets to do what - My pal Lumpy is very excited, but doesn't know what instrument he's going to play yet. Now I should probably start writing songs and stuff like that! I've been listening to all my Mum's records, but I still need a new drum set. I think I should start going to open stages with the Subhuman and the Fairies, too. We still need the most important thing... a name for the band! I wonder if the Subhuman will come and play with us sometimes...

In other news, my Mum, who never has time to type for me (although she's helping me today, thanks, Mum) went and got her own Facebookthingy. How come I don't get one? I think I should get one! And I still want a Myspacethingy like Fuu has!

The picture here is of the Subhuman and my friend Skinny, who is going to be in my band. He's going to play ocarina. He says it sounds like loons singing.