Friday, March 31, 2006

art girls tea at Aunties place

When we got to Aunty Natasha & Maireads Tea party, Chrispin was still asleep! Other people came to the Tea party, too - lots of art-girl-people and they had fun in the big room talking about art & entrepreneurship while us Monkeys & such played on the stairs. They're special stairs, just for sitting on, that don't go anywhere and smell like soap, because there's lots of soap everywhere. Aunties M & N make soap, and maybe someday Chrispin & Apple will learn how, too. Then they can invent their own types of soap! If you want to see what their soap is like, go to the link on the right that says "pioneer arts" 'cause that's their company.

The painting of the Monkey is by Toni. I just met her for the first time at the Tea & she paints Monkeys!! And cats & aliens & robots & things! How great is that! (Maybe someday I'll get her to paint my portrait...) I must get Mum to get one of her paintings for me. (Of a Monkey, or maybe I could get one of a bunch of bananas....mmmm!) Mum knows her from art shows, and I think she's going to set up a website, too, which I'll add to my blogthing when it's up.

And there was another person there whom I already knew, Ellaine! I met her at Mums Sock Monkey Workshop, where she had started a Rockford Red Heel Sock Monkey! I finally got to meet Ellaine's Sock Monkey, who is quite beautiful now! She sat & played on the stairs with us, while Ellaine & Toni & my Mum & my Aunties & all the art-girls had their Tea! Ellaine has a website, and it has a link on the right that says "baby blankets" and there might be more Monkey pictures somewhere on her site, too...

I think Mum should have a Tea just for Monkeys & Sock People...!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

at my friends house

Mum went to have Tea at Aunty Natasha & Aunty Maireads house. I always like going there 'cause then I can play with some of my Sock Friends! Chrispin is sort of my little brother, but he was adopted by Aunties N & M! Later, they adopted Apple, too, so that Chrispin can have a little sister. I'm glad that they all live together, because Chrispin & Apple are two of my favourite Sock People, and my Aunties are two of my favourite Human People. I'm a very lucky Monkey to have four favourite people all living together!
My Aunties & Chrispin & Apple also live with Neela. She's a royal princess puppet from Kirkham Puppets, and there's a link to the Puppetblog on the right side of my blogthing! (I wrote a poem on the Puppetblog, once.) Neela plays with us sometimes, but generally, she's a very quiet & reserved person, and spends more of her time with the "grown-ups".

Thursday, March 09, 2006

fairies adventuring

Monty note: We live here with a small tribe of Fairies, who have some very fine Adventures. Usually I don't know where they go, but they just told me this story about how they spent Valentines Day! And so here is some of their tale of Valentine Adventure!

it was St. Valentine’s Day. the fairies were wondering what all the fuss was about. Freya remarked that it was supposed to have something to do with “romance” and Nut and Farnum feigned choking while Mouse and Neenie rolled their eyes. Bobbin asked Freya if she knew anymore about it but Freya said she only knew that there might be music....

so when the Sock Monkey Girl followed the Sub-human out the door to a Valentine’s Day show, all the fairies followed her. apparently it was at a bar called the Fox and Fiddle. The fairies stayed hidden, but Freya doubted that the humans of this place would have noticed anything anyway, for most drinking establishments are meant to distract and amuse humans. small fairies go unnoticed more often than not.

there was music and the Sub-human was playing instruments and singing with some of his musical companions. Farnum liked the "stick of Chapman" that the Sub-human played, and Nut liked the drums. the band played many songs and the fairies did fairy dances. Bobbin and Farnum danced up a storm, even when they played really loud heavy songs. Mouse snuck up to the microphone and sang and Nut jumped on the drums sounded like a bunch of cats running in the upstairs of a house.

as the night wore on the bar became filled with strange, wonderful things, but the humans didn’t seem to notice a thing...

Monty note: Those Fairies have such strange, wonderful Adventures! And if you want to know even more about that night at the Valentines Day show, go to this link: the fairies valentine

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

and Donkey drove the bus home

My friends Donkey& Babetta had a delightful time on Commander Moms Big Winetrip.

As well as going & looking at vineyards & wineries, which were of much more interest to the humans, they went to a lovely little B&B and hung out,

and then they went shopping in Niagara-on-the-Lake; a very sweet, small town full of giftshops, and they made a new friend.

When they were all finished & the tour was done, Donkey drove everyone home in the Big Bus.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Commander Moms Big Winetrip

My friends Donkey & Babetta got to go on a Wine Trip! They rode in a Big Bus & traveled around in Niagara, where lots of grapes grow. Our good friend Commander Mom has a Winestore, and she takes everyone on a Big Winetour each year.
(If you're in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and want to make your own wine, see my link on the right-hand side of the blogthing.)
Babetta & Donkey had a great time on the trip. They're actually much too young to drink, but they made sure everyone signed the guestbook at the lovely little bed&breakfast where the tour had a midday break.

Babetta took her duties very seriously, but Donkey was more interested in relaxing on a comfy bed.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ikea time

Once you're in Ikea, you sort of lose track of things like time... Oh sure, they tell you what time it is in London & Paris, but I just think that's confusing! Mum and her friends were okay, because for them, it's always Tea Time! They had their $1 breakfasts, and Mum & Richard drank soooo much tea! Once, I think Mike actually fell asleep at the table while they were drinking tea! Mum & Richard get very chatty. Maybe it's all the tea?
Anyway, since Mum was busy with her friends, it was a perfect oppourtunity for me to run around & swing on things! I found this greatbiglong hoseswingthing in some sort of kitchenthing area, and it was really bouncy! If Mum wants to buy furniture, I think this is what she should get! And I could put a cushion on the bottom of the boucybit, and it could be the greatest bouncy swingthing ever! Everyone write in the commentplace that Mum should get me the bouncy swingthing!
After all the swinging & jumping & bouncing & climbing, it was nice to find a big plushy bed to curl up on. Now I just need Mum to read me a story, but after all their walking & talking & talking, Mum & her friends were ready to go home. Good-bye, Ikea! I hope I get to come back and play again soon...