Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mum has a surprise for me...?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The other weekend I went to a very fun and wonderful event!

There was a Sock-Monk-A-Thon nearby at the big Universityschoolplace in a very nice courtyard with a big tent and wooden tables.
That's were people come & make Sock Monkeys with the help of my friend Lindsey, and the Monkeys get to go to Africa with Clowns and they are adopted by young people there!
There were a bunch of different people there, some who knew all about the wonderfulness of Sock Monkeys, and some who were learning things for the first time.
This was Mum and my second time going to Operation Sock Monkey, and Mum said she wasn't going to let me make my own Monkey, too, because she said it would take both of us too long, so we would just make one together, but when we got there she choose a grey socks with rainbow stripes & I saw a white socks with black heel & toe & spots, and I thought it would be so amazingly wonderful if I could make a spotty dog
- like a Dalmation! -
with it, and I begged and pleaded as she started her grey and rainbow socks, and I promised to be very fast and sew really good and quickly and how very very wonderful would a Sock Dog be and my best friend Lumpy is a Sock Dog, and wouldn't it be a shame if the spotty socks didn't get made into a Dog because how perfect would that be and it would be wrong if it wasn't a Dog and I really really wanted to make my own anyway because I was so proud of my very first Sock Monkey who already lives in Africa and I really wanted to do a Dog in honour of my friend Lumpy and create a wonderful friend for someone small in Africa who wants a Dog...
And of course I won her over so Mum said I could make a Sock Dog. Yay! I sewed very carefully, and only stabbed myself a few times, and Mum helped just a little bit, but I made the second best Sock Dog ever!
(That's because Lumpy is the first best. And Actually, Pointy and Byrd and Claude are all best Sock Dogs, too, but my little Sock Dog is pretty special anyway!)

I didn't name him because whoever becomes his Mommy or Daddy in Africa will get to.
Mum didn't name the Monkey she made either, but I did hear some of the people there say the Monkey looked like she was wearing a seventies disco jumpsuit (whatever that means) and said she looked like a Dancersize Monkey.
She has closed eyes and Mum said she is sleepy after lots of discodancing and exercising.
After I finished sewing I hung around a little with a cool Sock Wolf.
He is hanging around with Lindsey for a while, but he told me he's waiting for a particular person.
He has nice whiskers, and a very long nose!
He told me he's like to go on a tour of the Distilleries of Scotland, and like to taste exotic beers, and I'm not really into that sort of stuff (Mum won't let me try it - and I'm not sure he's old enough either!) but it was fun to talk about!

Together he and Lindsey will take care of all the Sock Monkeys and my Sock Doggy, and then the Clowns will escort the Monkeys and my Doggy to Africa to find them Families!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Oh the Summer is so hot and sleepy! I am very jealous of my best friend Lumpy who has his own pool! The Subhuman tells me I cannot put one here. But we don't even have a tub! If I want to cool off, I have to fill the sink with cold water or sneak into the freezer and eat ice cream...
Mum is, as usual, sewing things. I really have no idea what she's making. Not Monkeys right now. I have been entertaining my American Cousin Ellery, who is a Rockford Red Heel Sock Monkey! She is very young, and a bit bossy, but excellent at getting into mischief! Rockfords are nice brown socks that aren't made here in Canada like proper wool work socks, and Ellery has a big mouth! She really likes to laugh and tells good jokes!

We went to visit my friends from Operation Sock Monkey, who were at this funny arty place called The Workroom, which is very very far away. I think we walked for hours to get there! Well, Mum walked - Ellery rode in a pocket and I had my red backpack to ride in! When we got there I got to show Ellery pictures of Africa, where the Monkeys get sent to play with clowns and live with little children there, and I even got to introduce her to my friend I made, Sock Puppy! I will post pictures of when I made him! I sewed him myself! (You can see him here in the picture in the basket. He is white and black spotty, and I am standing behind him. Ellery made a friend with a Bunny! They are in the suitcase! She didn't sew anybody; she just met them.)

Ellery and I had a great day. It's fun being a tour guide and introducing new friends!

Monday, March 09, 2009

my Grandmama

I have the awesomest Grandmama! She always gets me things, and has the biggest house in the world, not to mention her very own wine store! She lives with my bestest buddy, Lumpy, and plays with us whenever I come and visit. Which isn't as often as I would like...

I'm back! And wready to wright!

So, I have been a busy little monkey, adventuring and stuff, for the last while. I have been bugging Mum to keep up with my blogging, but she has been busy too. I've been so busy I don't even know where to begin! I was on tv... I got a scooter (awesome!)... Lumpy and me hung out together (we rock!)... We visited a hospital and Lumpy got to remove Mum's brain (just kidding!)... I went cross-country skiing... I even made my own little baby Sock Monkey, which I sent to Africa (Wow!)... I think I might even go waaaayyyyy back in time, and find some really old pictures! Or maybe I will travel thru stories randomly in time! Does it even matter!?

First, tho, I would like to say how wonderful it is to be a Sock Monkey! I don't take up a lot of room. I don't eat much. My own personal banana tree fits in the house. And it's great just being ME, too! I own lots of clothes. I have my own scooter, hats, leather boots, buttons, and for Christmas, I even got a shirt with my own name on it from my own Grandma, (also known as Commander Mom by other people)! Lumpy has a matching one. Well, with HIS name, not mine on it! I have many different, fun friends and I love them all! Hi to them all! I'm going to go look at pictures now, and see what I want to write about...