Monday, November 20, 2006

Mums bunch of Monkeys

Once again, my Mum has abandonede me to do my writing myself while she makes other Sock Monkeys for the big Christmas art show. (She's going to be at the One of a Kind Show - check her website and you'll get more informtion.) I wish she'd let me organize her booth and stuff. I would do a really good job, and probably faster and better than her, and then she could just sit and sew more Monkeys like she wantws to. (And she'd have time to type fort me, instead of making me do it myself...) I'd like to go to the show, too. I bet I could talk to people and sell Monkeys and teach everyone about how importanrt and speciaL sOCK mONKEYS ARE! Mum says she's worried that someone would try to buy me. I wouldn't let that happen. Maybe I can get the Subhuman to bring me - we could go shopping! That would be fun!

Anyway, go visait m7y Mom at the show, get yourself a Sock Monkey, and if you let youre M on key have a blog -=always help him with nthe typing!!!

Here is a picyture of all the Monkeys Mom is sewing., andf, of course, a p[ictuire of thje fabulous me/. Aren't I cute?