Thursday, May 25, 2006

I have to type this myself.

i am so mad ! Muy Mum is suposed tpo help[ me tyupe this, anmd she is way topo buisyu tpo help me, spo I am havboinmg tpo type it myself. As you can see, I am not a very good typist@!@! I don't even thinik I'm going to be able to put up a picture, because I mdon't lknow how. It's veryu wrong that my own Mum doesn't have to time to help me. I am sooo mad ayt her! The reason I can;'t type very mwll is thaty, being a Sock Monkey, I have big round sock paws, and it's really hard to hit the rifgtht lkeys. I am so mad!! This is rotten@! I really reqally6 hope my Mum can come and help me wsoon . I have no idea what she's doing that is keeping her so busy thst she can't spend just a ;little time helping hert own Monty, but whatevert oit its, it'ws sytupoid!!