Thursday, March 27, 2008


Help! We are trapped inside a cabinet!

old beer making things

So, one day I went to Kitchener, where my Mum is frum, and she visited a friend who took her to see his office, which is in a fancy building where people used to make beer. Some of the stuff for beer-making is still there. (There's a neat Library of some sort in there, too.)

We went with Lumpy and Pointy, and we had a swell time climbing on things. I'm not that keen on beer, but I'm certainly keen on things I can climb on!

It was night, and hardly anyone was in the building, so we took a full tour and got to see a lot of rooms. The best part were the walls of barrels (which used to be barrels of beer, but now are all empty) and the big copper thingamys, where I guess they did beer-making stuff in. The big copper thingamys don't do anything anymore but look shiny and fancy.

It was a really neat place, with different levels and inside balconies and high ceilings and stairs going this way and that. I wonder what it was like when they made beer there? Now there are offices and computers there, and I have no idea what people there make now.

Mum's friends name is Dave, and his Sweetie is Lisa. They're a very nice couple and Dave turned lights on and off for us. We had gotten take-out fud and they sat in Dave's officeplace and ate while Lumpy, Pointy and I played.

We played tag and hide&goseek. Pointy's the best at tag because she's so fast! And I'm the best at hide&goseek just because, but I like seeking just as much as hiding because just like I know where to hide, I know where all the good places to look are!

winters end

Hello! After such a long time away, it feels good to be typing again. It's not like I've been very many places, I've just been doing different things... Reading books. Drawing pictures. I got caught up on a bit of my novel writing (nothing ready for publishing yet!) Mum's been busy, and even Grandma, so I've just had to come up with my own things to do. Winter was lovely and I did a lot of walking...

I liked the snow. It was crisp and sometimes sqeaky. People decorated their trees. I took pictures. Mum has so many cameras that I was able to take one to play with. I like how snow makes everything quiet and slow. I like being bundled up in my warm sweater, watching the snowflakes drift down from so far away, I can't see where they start.