Thursday, March 27, 2008

old beer making things

So, one day I went to Kitchener, where my Mum is frum, and she visited a friend who took her to see his office, which is in a fancy building where people used to make beer. Some of the stuff for beer-making is still there. (There's a neat Library of some sort in there, too.)

We went with Lumpy and Pointy, and we had a swell time climbing on things. I'm not that keen on beer, but I'm certainly keen on things I can climb on!

It was night, and hardly anyone was in the building, so we took a full tour and got to see a lot of rooms. The best part were the walls of barrels (which used to be barrels of beer, but now are all empty) and the big copper thingamys, where I guess they did beer-making stuff in. The big copper thingamys don't do anything anymore but look shiny and fancy.

It was a really neat place, with different levels and inside balconies and high ceilings and stairs going this way and that. I wonder what it was like when they made beer there? Now there are offices and computers there, and I have no idea what people there make now.

Mum's friends name is Dave, and his Sweetie is Lisa. They're a very nice couple and Dave turned lights on and off for us. We had gotten take-out fud and they sat in Dave's officeplace and ate while Lumpy, Pointy and I played.

We played tag and hide&goseek. Pointy's the best at tag because she's so fast! And I'm the best at hide&goseek just because, but I like seeking just as much as hiding because just like I know where to hide, I know where all the good places to look are!

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