Monday, March 09, 2009

I'm back! And wready to wright!

So, I have been a busy little monkey, adventuring and stuff, for the last while. I have been bugging Mum to keep up with my blogging, but she has been busy too. I've been so busy I don't even know where to begin! I was on tv... I got a scooter (awesome!)... Lumpy and me hung out together (we rock!)... We visited a hospital and Lumpy got to remove Mum's brain (just kidding!)... I went cross-country skiing... I even made my own little baby Sock Monkey, which I sent to Africa (Wow!)... I think I might even go waaaayyyyy back in time, and find some really old pictures! Or maybe I will travel thru stories randomly in time! Does it even matter!?

First, tho, I would like to say how wonderful it is to be a Sock Monkey! I don't take up a lot of room. I don't eat much. My own personal banana tree fits in the house. And it's great just being ME, too! I own lots of clothes. I have my own scooter, hats, leather boots, buttons, and for Christmas, I even got a shirt with my own name on it from my own Grandma, (also known as Commander Mom by other people)! Lumpy has a matching one. Well, with HIS name, not mine on it! I have many different, fun friends and I love them all! Hi to them all! I'm going to go look at pictures now, and see what I want to write about...

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