Sunday, June 28, 2009


Oh the Summer is so hot and sleepy! I am very jealous of my best friend Lumpy who has his own pool! The Subhuman tells me I cannot put one here. But we don't even have a tub! If I want to cool off, I have to fill the sink with cold water or sneak into the freezer and eat ice cream...
Mum is, as usual, sewing things. I really have no idea what she's making. Not Monkeys right now. I have been entertaining my American Cousin Ellery, who is a Rockford Red Heel Sock Monkey! She is very young, and a bit bossy, but excellent at getting into mischief! Rockfords are nice brown socks that aren't made here in Canada like proper wool work socks, and Ellery has a big mouth! She really likes to laugh and tells good jokes!

We went to visit my friends from Operation Sock Monkey, who were at this funny arty place called The Workroom, which is very very far away. I think we walked for hours to get there! Well, Mum walked - Ellery rode in a pocket and I had my red backpack to ride in! When we got there I got to show Ellery pictures of Africa, where the Monkeys get sent to play with clowns and live with little children there, and I even got to introduce her to my friend I made, Sock Puppy! I will post pictures of when I made him! I sewed him myself! (You can see him here in the picture in the basket. He is white and black spotty, and I am standing behind him. Ellery made a friend with a Bunny! They are in the suitcase! She didn't sew anybody; she just met them.)

Ellery and I had a great day. It's fun being a tour guide and introducing new friends!

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